What is a body blue print?
BeFit Tacoma body blue print

A body blue print is a unique evaluation process designed exclusively for BeFit Tacoma not found in any other gym in Tacoma. This unique body blue print is a combination of assessments learned from trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors across the nation and then improved upon to identify your strengths and help us recognize potential weakness’s that will slow you down from reaching your goal. It includes a mix of static assessments, active assessments, and movements that are not determined to see how “fit” you are but how your body moves and what’s happening to other areas when it does. You can think of it as a mechanic’s assessment of the most important vehicle you’ll ever own. Your body.

The BeFit Tacoma body blue print is used in conjunction with your goals to design an elite personalized training program that will have you racing to your goal and keep your body running smoothly so you can keep on adding the miles that are important to you.

Fill out an application to put your name on the waiting list for a complimentary body blue print.

BeFit Tacoma is Tacoma’s premier personal training gym with all programs designed exclusively by Isaac, our quality of service is held at the highest level; because of this we can only take and serve a limited number of clients.


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