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BeFit Tacoma - Isaac Ho - What Fitness Experts Say
“If you’re in the Tacoma Area and you wanna get results you gotta see Isaac Ho”

Martin Rooney


“Anyone Would Be Lucky To Train with Him”

Isaac Ho’s energy and enthusiasm for learning along with his dedication to giving his clients the absolute best is inspiration and contagious. Anyone would be lucky to train with him.

Nick Tumminello




“ Knowledgeable, experienced and caring”

It’s very rare that a young fitness professional is very knowledgeable, experienced, caring, and Isaac is all three. I have not met any other trainers that put as much time, effort, and resources into being more knowledgeable with the goal of helping their clients as Isaac. His passion and goal in life is to make every one of his clients lives better. I have had the pleasure of mentoring Isaac and I can honestly say he the most knowledgeable, caring young fitness professional I know and you’ll hear his name in the future.

Luka Hocevar


“The future of our industry”

Isaac Ho has an unbridled enthusiasm about fitness. People like Isaac are the future of our industry, and it’s good to know they’re not only serious about getting better, but asking the tough questions to help get themselves there. Isaac is going to be a top-flight trainer in the future.

Mike Robertson, M.S., C.S.C.S., U.S.A.W.
President, Robertson Training Systems
Co-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training
Ranked one of America’s Top 10 Gyms by Men’s Health Magazine in 2009



“You’re going to get what you came for: RESULTS”

Isaac did an internship with me several years ago. When I first met Isaac It was to my VERY pleasant surprise that this guy knew quite a bit more than he should at his age. Not only was he exceptionally knowledgeable, but he was able to deliver this knowledge as well. Working with Isaac is like working with a trainer who has been in the trenches for years and years. Any client that works with Isaac or BeFit Tacoma is going to get what they came for: RESULTS

Tim Vagen, CSCS
Director of Highline College Personal Training Program


“ Learned from the best, soon he will be”

I first met Isaac in California at a strength and conditioning seminar in California. At first I was surprised by his overabundance of knowledge, but it soon became evident that Isaac had been studying fitness for a very long time. There are few strength coaches I know with more educational resources than Isaac. Isaac has dedicated himself in whole to becoming the best at his craft. I have been thoroughly impressed by Isaac’s skill as a coach, but also his energy levels. Watch out for this young coach in the future. He’s learned from the best of the best, soon he will be.

Steve Di Tomaso, BHK, P.Kin, CSCS, CEP
Director of Sport Synergy Performance Inc.


“Passionate, energetic, hard working, and determined”

I met Isaac at a Fitness Workshop and this is a passionate, energetic, hard working and determined young entrepreneur. His work ethic will allow him to be a strong force in the ever growing fitness industry. The work that he is willing to put in to achieve his goals is incredible. Rest is not in Isaac’s vocabulary but hustle, willpower and conviction can describe this young man’s mindset. I expect big things from this promising young fitness coach.

Justin Levine
CEO California Fitness Academy, Author of “The Complete Traithlete”, Creator of “The Ultimate Dynamic Warm Up DVD”


“Puts 110 percent of his knowledge and effort into each client”

“Isaac Ho is the man…plain & simple! If you’re on a quest to get back into shape, or if you’re looking to take your training to the next level, Isaac is your ‘go-to guy’. He’s straight up, honest and direct with no frills or gimmicks. He actually cares about his clients and it shows in his attention to detail. The work that he does with his Boot Camps is outstanding! As a Fitness Professional, I can appreciate his work ethic in providing a quality results-based program and training system that keeps people coming back more. His training protocols require that individuals be accountable for their actions while staying on a consistent training & nutrition program – which is the key if results are what you’re after. I highly recommend Isaac because he really cares about his work, his profession, and he puts 110% of his knowledge and effort into each client. He’s the real deal!”

Adrian Robles, CPT
Health & Wellness Coordinator
Corporate Fitness Center Manager – Weyerhaeuser Company (Federal Way, WA)


“I am privileged to work with Isaac and call him my mentor even though he is 20 years my junior”

My Name is Laura and I was a client of Isaac’s before I started my own fitness business .I had always been an athlete, had an extensive background in martial arts as well as exercise and been in great shape a time or two in my life; but due to a high stress job and life in general I had put on a unwanted 40 pounds. I joined a large commercial gym and after not seeing the results I wanted to see figured I needed a trainer to guide and motivate me. I got set up with Isaac, really the luck of the draw if you know how large corporate gyms work. I was so lucky to get him, as I looked around at the other trainers at the gym, they all were having each client do the same workout routine no matter what their skill level or body type and had no passion and energy when they trained clients.

Isaac was different, using progressive training techniques and tools as he invested time in setting out a specific program for each client. He always pushed me to try and accomplish things that I never thought I could do while coaching and encouraging me all the way through the process. While others were doing bench press and isolating muscles I was doing full body movements training my cardio, strength, endurance, core, and full body all at once

My friends kept telling me that I would be a great trainer as I had helped others in the past lose weight, so I pursued a certification to be a personal trainer. With my previous knowledge and that I had learned from Isaac I knew I could make it. So here I sit 40 pounds down and in the best shape of my life at 45 years old. I have been at it for over a year now and have a successful business working out of Spanaway Fitness, Studio 138, and doing in-home training. I am that trainer that people tell me stands out in the gym much like Isaac my mentor doing things that other trainers don’t do seeing results from my clients that other trainers don’t see.

I am privileged to work with Isaac and call him my mentor even though he is 20 years my junior, his commitment to clients is something you just don’t find in this industry so if you are fortunate enough to train with him you will see how special he really is.

Laura McKeown, CPT
Inspired Fitness Owner


”I have never seen a trainer take such a personal and diligent approach”

When I first met Isaac it was at a very popular, local gym in Tacoma, where I was acting as a manager of the fitness team, he as one of the top trainers. My first thought was, “Wow, this guy isn’t messing around!” As a former Firefighter, I have had several personal trainers for over 10 years, so I am unfortunately well aware of the lack of confidence, professionalism, motivation and personal drive that most personal trainers tend to portray. I can tell you from endless attempts with personal training that it is mind-numbingly difficult to find a trainer that is willing to push me (even when I don’t THINK I want to be pushed), who doesn’t take the easy way out and waste my time, energy and hard earned money with the common “chat it up” attitude. Most personal trainers will jump on the opportunity to put in minimal effort and heart into really helping me meet my personal fitness goals. Or even worse, just not care at all really and stand next to me while counting reps and oggling the other female members in the gym….or even worse! Just act plain rude and disinterested! This is the exact opposite of what I saw from Isaac with his clients. It seemed that he had a genuine interest and had even set his own personal goals for helping each and every one of his clients obtain what they had set out to do. And I saw him do just that, countless times and always with a smile on his face! I worked with him for 2 years and, even though I had FREE personal training with several other friends with just as much experience as he had, decided to PAY the company for the undeniable difference in the quality that Isaac had to offer. The results showed me that I had made the right decision. Superb! Thank you, Isaac.

A couple of years later I was with a different company, also a very popular, reputable company, and I had advanced in my career and was getting a promotion to a different club than the one I had started at. I showed up for my first day and saw the list of my 23 employees…..ISAAC HO!!! Hooray! This just made my job a LOT easier! And I get my favorite trainer back! Too good to be true.

Having Isaac on my team again, but this time as my employee, I was able to see even more what a gift he is to the fitness community. He followed up with his clients ….. wait…. followed up?! Wow!! When clients started to fall into the daily grinds (which we all tend to do, right?) and had started letting the sessions slide, he would get them right back in the gym. What?! Shaking my head in shock I couldn’t help but dig deeper. What I found was to be a list of reasons and success stories that made me sure that this man would be great at this and for a long time. I have never seen a trainer take such a personal and diligent approach. He is truly a driven, passionate and determined man in his field. I tell everyone about him. I STILL email him with extra special tips he can give me when I hit a rut, as I now live in California. When you train with Isaac, you are training with someone that is a professional and a friend at all times. He is a rare commodity and a very special gift. Thank you Isaac, for getting me in shape, being a wonderful example, and never letting me stop believing in myself! I couldn’t have done it without you. I mean that.

Rachel Bradek
Personal Training Manager


My name is Rick Kaselj and I am a fitness educator in Vancouver, Canada. I have taught thousands of fitness professionals on how to design exercise programs for their clients with injuries. It is surprising how few fitness professionals invest in themselves to help their clients. I am constantly getting excuses from fitness professionals on why they are not getting more knowledge and skills in order to help their clients get better and faster results. Isaac Ho is not one of those fitness professionals. He understands the importance in investing in himself and learning new ways to help his clients out.

Rick Kaselj, MS
Surrey, BC, Canada


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