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Tacoma Personal Trainer- WHY YOU HAVE NO HUSTLE
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I just returned from an amazing seminar that my friend Luka Hocevar put on in Las Vegas. Vegas is great but after a few days it all really starts to look the same and this Tacoma personal trainer was ready to go home, but one thing that will not stay the same, is something I picked up at the “Changing the Game” seminar. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a new training technique, an exercise or a thought I had about my business that made me get up early this morning and write to you.

It was a feeling someone gave to me.


Eric Thomas, I’m not sure what you could call him.

A motivational speaker?

A peace maker?

An amazing coach?

An entrepreneur?

He’s all of those, but he said something important to me and something that is going to be important to you if you want to have success in 2013.

Eric came up on stage and said ” Two Thousand Thirteen is OVER! It’s two thousand fourteen ringing in, midnight now, what has happened this year that made THIS YEAR the most incredible year of your life!”

Let me say that again to you my friend because maybe you didn’t hear it! ” ” Two Thousand Thirteen is OVER! It’s two thousand fourteen ringing in, midnight now, what has happened this year that made THIS YEAR the most incredible year of your life!”

What kind of year?
I didn’t say a ” *shrug* it was a good year kind of year”



I had to sit and write it down and realized that right off the bat, the important things I had in my life that I had already came straight to the top of my head.

My friends, my girlfriend those people being around me at the end of the year were important to me but then I started thinking….that would make it a great year, a solid year but what would make it my MOST AMAZING YEAR.

I love my girlfriend and friends but holding on to what you have doesn’t make it THE MOST AMAZING year of your life. You have to add!

I started to write, I made a list and the list made me motivated to come over here and write this to you first thing in the morning because I wanted to connect with you and write for a living about fitness and life one day.

So the best day to start that was TODAY!

Another thing that stood out to me was that you always hear talk about ” The hustle”.

“Man I always see that guy hustling”

If hustle sounds too hood for you, it’s working hard, it’s putting in work, it’s making your dream come true because we all know ” the dream is free the hustle is sold separately”.

Here’s why that person can hustle harder than you.

Because they got their list with 2014 ending and this being the most amazing year of their life, everyday they don’t wake up to get through a day, they wake up to chase their 2014 dream and make that a reality!

See no dream, no hustle.

The Truth

So did you wake up this morning and eat a healthy breakfast?

Did you pack your gym clothes expecting to come straight after work before you go home instead of sitting on your couch?

Did you get into the gym last night and roar your head off and put in the most epicly *yes it’s a new word*, amazing, STRONG workout of your life?

Did you eat some vegetables yesterday?

If not it’s because you don’t have the dream.

You don’t have the list.

You don’t have the details.

You don’t have the vision.

But you have the heart.

You have the heart!

That’s the most important part once you have the vision, so go out there and get your dream!

Dream and you will hustle

Without your dream you’ll be watching other people build theirs and wishing you had “the hustle”; but never realizing you wasted your whole life because you didn’t write down your dream.


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