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Tacoma Personal Trainer- Overweight Don’t Undervalue
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When I was growing up as a fat kid life was hard. The sun came out and I had to keep my sweater on because little man boobs and a stomach in a white polo shirt was embarrassing. Running lines in P.E class was like the HUNGER GAMES and most exercises I was given like pushups or the occasional chin up where disasters.

The Me From The Past. Pizza and Peanut Butter and Jelly did this to me!

The Me From The Past. Pizza and Peanut Butter and Jelly did this to me!

I was fat and weak.

Or so I thought…..

I wish someone told me:

YOU AREN’T FAT. You just HAVE fat on you. 


I wish they would have shown me that by carrying my bodyweight around that I was going to be strong lifting weights or moving things away from me in what’s called a “open chain” exercise.

I wish bodyweight exercises weren’t all they had me do, because they’re brutal when you’re overweight. Jump roping, sprinting, speed and agility are all great drills but not where I would start someone who’s over weight.

I want you to know this NOW.

You may be overweight but you’re POWERFUL!

The way you look plays a part in GUESSING how you’ll perform but I’ve seen small people lift huge amounts of weight and huge muscled people struggle with the same.

I’ve seen heavier people who could do cardio forever and skinny people who got light headed after the first five minutes.

Just because you’re OVERWEIGHT doesn’t mean you should UNDERVALUE yourself and look at people who “look skinnier” or “look more Fit” and assume they’re going to be in “way better shape than you”.

Nancy is strong and fit no matter how you stack it. She keeps getting STRONGER every single day!

Nancy is strong and fit no matter how you stack it. She keeps getting STRONGER every single day!

The secret to being in shape is the principle of ADAPTATION. Whatever you do you will adapt to. Nancy above has been training and ADAPTING her body for some time now and she is STRONG and AMAZING!

I had a client I was doing treatment work on yesterday tell me she felt inspired that she was overweight and during her workout she was seeing new people sweating through the warmup even though they where “way skinnier than I am“. This made her feel good and I realized that because she was overweight she was undervaluing herself.

The way you look isn’t the indicator it’s the hard work you put in.

If you’re overweight and putting hard work in, I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. I know it isn’t easy, I’ve done it and I know it feels the same as when I stop lifting weights and then go back. It’s hard to get that weight moving again and you scratch your head wondering at how other people are doing it so easily. THAT CAN BE DISCOURAGING.

But when the going get hards, the struggle and the failure reminds you that that’s why you CAN do it, because it’s not about being the fittest looking person out there, it’s about overcoming hardship and making yourself a STRONGER person. Don’t undervalue yourself because you have some extra fat on yourself. You’re strong and you’re going to overcome.

My friends Steve and Karrie from Envision Fitness in Vancouver BC where some of the first trainer friends I ever made, it was at Results Fitness Program Design seminar over 6 years ago in Santa Clarita California. They put together this great video, I wanted to share it with you (yes the video is oversized, you should always watch a video as big as possible).

If you’re ready to start making changes and see you as the POWERFUL you not the UNDERVALUED you, email me at and let’s get your potential out there for YOU to see.


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