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Tacoma Personal Trainer- Is Your Personal Trainer Speaking Martian?
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Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac here!

Hope you’re having an awesome week so far in fitness, health, love and dream acquisition. Notice I don’t say “chasing your dreams” because I heard ” IF YOU’RE ALWAYS CHASING YOUR DREAMS YOU’RE RUNNING TOO SLOW AFTER IT!”

That rose my level of awareness on dream chasing.

Stop Chasing Your Dreams and Make Them In Front Of You In This World

Today I have a quick post and video on understanding what your trainer is trying to say to you. As trainers we tend to spend so much time learning the complex philosophies that we come back to our clients and are still stuck in our heads when we try to explain what we want our clients to do.

Sometimes even simple cues like push your hips back or lift your chest up don’t work as well.

As Trainers We Want To Get The First Picture in A Warm Up but keep the Third Picture During Loaded Lifts

The cues are important because without them, as you probably know (because you’re smart about exercise if you’re reading this blog), that the wrong form can do the following:

1. Injure you

2. Create unwanted imbalances in your body

3.  Create long term stiffness and posture patterns that manifest into future movement quality problems or pain

4. Unevenly stress your body so you are unable to keep doing an exercise due to failure in one group of muscles which then stop you from getting in the shape you deserve to be in

With my clients in general we learn slowly at the beginning, this is something I was first introduced to at the age of fifteen year old when I first started taking Israeli martial arts.

This Was Me Growing Up So You Can See I Had To Learn To Defend Myself….

I was too clumsy to be the next karate kid but my instructor always told me, “ Slow and smooth is fast.”, even from a fat loss and strengthening perspective in learning the principle is still true.

Movement is strength.

Strength is a skill, because strength is all about the position you hold yourself in, if we change your position the strength is gone.

Strength with speed added is power, you need both of those components to create power.

So before I can teach you power I have to teach you strength and then add speed and now we have POWER!

I’m glad you understand starting your learning off at the appropriate pace, slow before fast, gets you the foundation ingredients to build power.

Learning at Different Levels

On an average day my client range can be an 17 year old girl high school girl to a 67 year old, aging with great grace, Grandma with everything in between from PE teachers to Military Rangers so different ages mean different learning speeds.

It also means saying the same cues like ” show me your t-shirt (for chest up) or even “hips back reach for the wall (for hip flexion with a fixed femur) do not work”. The truth is my clients think I’m from Mars sometimes…

After training these movements I’ve realized something that I tell my trainers.


” Dont’ Be Attached to a Cue” is one of the Coaching Tips They Give You at the Russian Kettlebell Certification Instructor Course.

It sounds pretty simple but I can walk into a gym and hear a trainer saying chest up, chest up over and over again with a client who has no idea what is going on.

Sometimes their face says, “ I know you’re speaking English but right now it’s like you learned it on Mars!”.

Not ideal for a training session. The cue should be used once or twice with immediate change and understanding.


For chest up I use ” Get excited like a puppy! Show me excitement! Don’t lose the excitement!”

For hips back I use ” Keep the Timer High”

I’ve included a video I made for trainers but works for anyone below.


When someone has something that clicks with them strongly as a coaching cue they do much better. Using these cues for me and teaching these to my team has helped us with clients of all ages.

We have cues for knees, shoulders, elbow position etc but these are a few that you can use today.

I hope that helps you today in your workouts or training and if this post helped you please just click ” Like” or “Share” because SHARING IS CARING AND LIKING IS EXCITIN!






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