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Tacoma Personal Trainer- Five Steps To Action
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From Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac,

Isaac and Bryan Lunt from Chicago hanging out at Vigor Grounds for the Pack Weekend

I invested my time this weekend at ” The Pack” mix tape event in Renton, Wa. Notice I said “invested” not “spent”, there’s a difference. However  I didn’t go out to the party after on Saturday night, which would be more spending then investing. Yes, hanging out and networking is invaluable but I’d rather do that over lunch then drinking. I find my soul doesn’t feel so great in the morning. For those of you who have ever had a night or two with some 151 shots you probably know what I’m talking about..and if it doesn’t bother you anymore it might be time for a desensitization check! I figured that out before my 24th birthday coming up in January…which I’m still trying to figure out how we’re going to spread love on my Birthday.

They say life is about discovering yourself. I picked up some great things from the business seminar this weekend but I also picked up some true thoughts from Church on Sunday. Anytime you look at any high level companies they all have a bigger purpose.

Creating families, preserving families, helping people, showing love to others…the bigger picture ideas. My mind has been running mad about this topic but I think that’s another blog post completely. Today I want to help you realize where we may be dropping the ball.

Dropping the ball is pretty much coming up short. Evil is relative. That’s an interesting idea. Lying is not a good thing but if you were a family in Nazi Germany lying to protect Jews then it becomes a completely different situations, we could go on about this but wrong and right are interesting topics. The word “sin” comes from the Greek to mean “to fall short”. It’s not some crazy religious battering ram BURN BURN BURN word. It simply means to “fall short”. Fall short of what I ask myself…to fall short of your true capacity. To “drop the ball”.

There are many ways to look at the “purpose and meaning of life” but I think in the end doing your best for those around you and your fellow man kind is one of the strongest promises and values you can have. When you fall short of that, don’t give your best, don’t do your best for yourself…that’s “dropping the ball”.

So how do we end up not doing our best? How do we end up giving less and excepting less then what we settled for?

The Five Steps to Action


It starts with a thought. Any self development guru/ mentor/ successful business person will say your thoughts determine your world or what some call ” the theater of your mind”. I never went to a four year university and got my psych degree so I can’t go on and on about this topic. I just know the practical things from the teachings of successful individuals and books I’ve read. You create your own reality, expectations, why do you get things? Because you EXPECT them. Because you ASK for them. What do you ask from yourself?

Without the right thoughts to start you you will never have the kind of life you deserve. You might have heard that term “renew your mind”. It’s important because without the right thoughts you can’t move onto any of the other steps.


When you think something enough it becomes your belief. When a boy is little his Dad is the strongest most amazing person in the world. And we’d all like to think that’s true but no…someone else’s Dad is probably stronger but the little boy things it and so it become so in his mind. His thoughts about his dad becomes his belief. It’s one of my goals to BELIEVE in my clients. Being a trainer for so many years I think we forget that people struggle with believing in themselves. They don’t believe they can, that they’re worthy, that someone would care about them because they don’t even believe in themselves. As much as I loving getting better at training clients I had to take a step back when I read some of the entries that our contestants sent us.

“Because you took the time to show me I was worthwhile and believed in me I did too.” WOW. I don’t think there’s a more worthwhile cause in this world than showing people that they are worthy and loved. Never underestimate the power of belief.


The thoughts and beliefs you have change your values. Growing up I watched my Grandpas pass away to lung cancer, my thoughts that smoking was damaging to your health soon evolved into my beliefs, which soon changed into my values. I don’t smoke, never had and would never try it. One day I ended up at a hookah lounge just keeping some old friend company ( I hated it), didn’t even smoke Hookah but felt like the second hand smoke was killing me. I didn’t have a fun night, didn’t like where I was, the whole place went against my values.  When you have thoughts they grow and you start to believe them, soon they become your values. Values can be personal and cultural but I think most people are missing Values these days. It’s easy to find someone who will do pretty much anything but hard to find someone who actually has a set of values they stand by. That’s what middle school seemed to be to me, who was cool enough to throw out the values their parents had taught them. If there’s anything I want people to know from the way I live my life it’s that I’m someone who has values.


Purpose-I have purpose. One blessing about my life is I wake up and know exactly what I’m setting out to do. Besides doing my best to take care of my members at BeFit I’ll be traveling up towards Seattle and Renton to coach other trainers and learn from trainer specializing in other skills. In January I’m going to start a massage program to start learning manual therapy. My thoughts, beliefs, and value give me purpose and when I have purpose I’m willing to invest my time, energy, and resources (yes money) into becoming better and better to help my clients and other trainers. What is your purpose in life? If you don’t know the answer to that question then it’s as simple as asking yourself what are the thoughts in your life, what beliefs do they give you, what do people know your values are? If you can’t answer these questions then we can’t move forwards.


Action time. When you start and finish the end product is your actions. Most of the time we WANT something but we don’t ACT upon it. In fact most of the times we jump on something like a good deal (think groupon deals or black Friday sales), those are ways of manipulating you to take action. We simply have problems being action takers. In fat loss it’s not as simple as working out and losing weight you have to change the way you think.

Thought- I need to lose weight, be healthier, move more….

Belief– I don’t believe going home watching TV, eating this TV dinner, and having donuts at work are going to help me get there.

Values– I will invest into a personal trainer or gym because I know these things have value and will help me get to losing weight and giving me the support I need. A program is never too expensive, often times we just don’t see the value in it. Just like saying no to a cookie is not too hard! It’s when we don’t see the value in turning the cookie down, when we think it costs us too much to NOT eat the cookie. Value is something we could write on forever.

Purpose– I go online and look for a personal trainer or ask a friend who is part of a program what they are doing. Having a purpose for what you do makes you dangerous. When someone wanders around without purpose they don’t  get much done. Ever shop without knowing what you want at the mall. It’s dangerous and time consuming. We know it’s a good plan for success yet most of us live our lives without PURPOSE! We take part of some sort of program for exercise or weight loss but don’t’ give people a clear PURPOSE on why we are doing it. We start to forget why we are here in the first place and what our end result is supposed to be.

Action– I find a program, step into it and start my first day. That’s the steps necessary to move forward in life. Taking one action after another gets you where you need to be. But tomorrow is harder then today if you don’t have the right thoughts. One thought at a time…leads to one action at a time.

I’ve had a few people ask me to collaborate with them on some training projects and I love training; I’ll spend more time studying training then anything else. But being a Tacoma personal trainer is simply my platform for reaching people. Life clarity, focus, vision, purpose, action..believing in people those are the things that are important to me. Next time you do anything ask yourself did you vote on these actions with these five steps or is this a thought you didn’t want to let in leading you to an action you don’t want to take. If you need someone to believe in you, help you with your thoughts, and guide you to the right actions send me an email to so we can help you make the actions you need to live the life you deserve!

BeFit- Isaac





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  • November 13, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Great insight Isaac.

  • November 14, 2012 at 2:02 am

    That was a great post Issac! Glad I took the time to read it!!!

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