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Tacoma Personal Trainer- The Attitude of Gratitude
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Bright Spots. If you haven’t heard the term before, bright spots are common traits that successful plans or ideas have in common.

When I first started training I thought learning the most about every tool would make me the best trainer, now nine years later I realized the best Personal Trainer is the one who can get results with the clients by influencing not only their physical BUT also their mental changes.

In my search for helping my clients develop a winning mindset I realized that a “bright spot” in any system for helping people be successful was GRATITUDE.

With Thanksgiving upon us we all have gratitude in mind, that is maybe until we run into the streets and start knocking down little old ladies to get the best price on flat screen TV’s.

Here’s the day after Thanksgiving.

Today below I’m going to share with you why I believe The Attitude of Gratitude will get you to where you want to be and how you can maintain that attitude.


Life throws us all challenges. Some have it harder than others but the story of Oprah Winfrey always reminds me that our belief system NOT our situation determines where we arrive.

If you don’t know the story of Ophrah, check out this link. Like most people, you’re probably reading this in a hurry so you can read this brief description.

Overcoming rape, the loss of her child and everyone telling her she wasn’t capable of anything Oprah went insane and was rescued in an asylum and saved by a man who showed her how to change her belief system to make her life positive and now she is one of the most successful women in the world.

Talk about powerful.

Oprah and the life of many others are an example that not WHERE you come from that determines your success but by your BELIEF system.

Being stuck in traffic can increase your blood pressure and release hormones of stress in your body or you can find a way to make that time productive and be THANKFUL.

When you’re THANKFUL it’s hard to be in a bad mood and easier to interpret situations as helpful to you rather than hurtful. Your belief system is why some people love to clean the house and others absolutely hate it. They get different things out of it because they believe it does different things for them!

Gratitude puts you in a state where the world is a better place because you can interpret it as a better place. It’s the same world but the way you can use it changes drastically.


That’s the question my girlfriend always asks me after I listen to a CD or go to a seminar…. and when she asks me that it kills me.  You don’t get motivated by a tape and go out and make lasting change.  You have to recondition your mindset.

Can you remember someone you know who has a piano? Maybe they don’t even play piano but it makes for a great piece of furniture. I played piano for eight years and when people who didn’t play piano would ask me to play on theirs often times it was a mess.

I would play like I was at home but the music would be HORRIBLE.

Because the piano wasn’t tuned! When a piano isn’t in tune everything else could be correct but it will never sound correct or beautiful. The most beautiful piece of music is USELESS when a piano isn’t tuned correctly.

Think about that, I know I’ve been part of different programs, whether training or business or even relationship and I kept thinking this will never work!

Guess what? It never did. I was tuned all wrong.

That’s why I’ve come to the realization that tuning someone is the most important thing you can do, not just giving them exercises. If I want my clients to be successful I have to help them “tune” themselves into seeing the world a certain way.

Like a piano that’s out of tune for a long time the piano doesn’t STAY in tune. You have to keep tuning over and over again to get the piano to hold the correct tone and pitch.

So the secret to having an “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE” is to re condition constantly and be aware when you’re slipping out of tune.


The more reps you do away from PERFECT take you further away from it and the more times you let yourself subconsciously drift into old patterns or negative thoughts the harder it is to get back to it.

It’s like signing the words to a song that are actually the wrong words! Ever do that? I do it all the time and I think they’re the right words until my girlfriend corrects me and then tells me to look them up.

True love, when you can call someone on their mistakes….but that’s another blog post entirely.

Tacoma Personal Trainer and Therapist Isaac

Contact me at to tune your outlook.

If you need help changing your Attitude to Gratitude, or maybe you’ve tried many fitness programs but haven’t seen the changes you expect maybe it’s not the notes you’re hitting but the tuning on the piano you’re playing, send me an email at and we’ll get on a coaching call to tune you to success.



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