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Read this before joining a Tacoma Gym.
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From Tacoma Gym Owner Isaac Ho:

I don’t run a gym. I run a community driven program.

Dang, it still takes my by surprise when I hear people say ” Isaac owns a gym”. To me it’s not a gym. A gym is just an room with a bunch of stuff in it that people go to do whatever they want for that day.

Do you feel like doing some abs? Let’s do some abs on the mat.

How about some stretching? It’s been a hard day…yeah……let’s just do some stretching.

Stretching and abs you can do at home. Unless you have so much Ikea furniture in your apartment you just can’t find anywhere to do stretching and abs then you don’t need a gym to do that. Save yourself the gym membership and do some toe touches at home in the shower.

Your workout program at the gym should not resemble the Vultures from Jungle Book

I don’t have a gym, it’s never been my goal to have a Tacoma gym. I have a Tacoma personal training studio. No one comes into our gym without a program and no one comes in without a plan. Having a plan is like having a blue print to success. Throughout my years I’ve realized more and more the importance of a coach. Today I’m going to give you four awesome guidelines for being successful anywhere you are at.

1. Everything is faster with a guide. 

We all start being coached and then coach others. Guide dog puppy in training is a good example of this cycle.

For a long time I worked at “big box” gyms and ran around training clients, coaching myself to become a better trainer, and studying information products. That went OK… for a long time but it wasn’t until I met a mentor who connected me with people who were doing what I really wanted to do that I saw success. Success not only in creating my own business but success in my own training. Since then I’ve realized that having a coach is essentially buying a blue print and saving yourself a ton of wasted time and effort. In the next few coming years I’ll be going into information product marketing and I can guarantee you I will be hiring a coach and joining a mastermind so I can spread the information I’ve acquired with more people. Thousands and thousands of people. You don’t end up on top by accident and you don’t get in shape by accident.

How cool is this. A success blueprint!

Over the weekend I heard Craig Ballantyne talk about success. Craig is an amazing online marketer who has gone on to help and coach countless fitness professionals into success. Being a master coach himself I ate up everything he had to say and I wanted to share them with you.

2. You can get better at anything with hard work

This rule applies to everything in life. It’s not any less true in fitness than it is in business. If you want to get great at walking, walk more. If the healthy food you prep tastes horrible it’s probably time to spend more time working on your cooking skills. If you don’t believe you can cook healthy here is a meal one of my client did and it’s delicious.

Ashley Makes a Mean Salmon

I adore fitness because if you train smart and work hard you can reach levels that most people consider “fanatical”. Exercises like chin ups and long distance runs are realistically accomplished by the hard work that precedes the event.

3. You have to stop bad habits

If you truly want to see success in fitness the bad habits have to go. We are all guilty of the following:

– Wasting time (Facebook you’re no friend of mine even if I have almost 2,000 friends)

– Majoring in minor stuff (getting great at curls doesn’t help your fat loss)

– Being around the wrong people ( if your friends encourage you sit around eat out while drinking fancy cocktails your gym progress will suffer)

HEY GIRLS! Let’s get some drinks!

4. You have to be serious about your results

The word serious means solemn or thoughtful in a character or manner, seriously..that’s what it means.

At a funeral people are usually pretty serious. Sunday I was flying back and caught the end of step up one with Channing Tatum. I was catching the tail end of it so I didn’t get the whole story but one of the friend’s little brother was shot and the older brother decided it was time to turn his life around. People before that point tried to convince him but until he was in a more “serious” mood he was going to keep on doing what he was used to.

It became about asking himself, “Is this the best I can do for me? Really?”

Nah man! This isn’t the best we can do! This is a teenage chick flick man! We should be in the next Bond Movie!

The answer, when he dug down to his soul was no. Funny thing was that his other friends tried to tell him at first that they were in fact doing they best they could do.

Friends are great but when they convince you that you can’t do better for yourself THAT’S a problem.

Once you’re serious about your results you need someone to hold you accountable for it because it’s too easy to get off track. The world is one big conspiracy trying to get you to stay where you are or go backwards. You need someone to help you get serious about your goals and hold you accountable and that’s why so many gym programs fail.

Should I try again?

Chances are you started and stopped. Started and stopped. It’s always hard for me to let a client ” take a break” because I know they don’t start again. Why? Because no one holds them accountable to their goals. If you’re reading this right now and haven’t reached the level of fitness in your life you want to it’s most likely because no one is holding you accountable. You can try again but it’s like a fly banging it’s head against the glass window. You need to fly just a little to the right and that starts by having someone hold you accountable.

That fly hit the window HARD!

At BeFit Tacoma we have a few different programs. If I could put someone into the most ideal programs they would be one on one with a few larger group training sessions so you have one on one personal accountability and then the group accountability.

Why that combo?

One on one is great for getting the coaching you need, individual program design, help with technique and setting personal training goals. The best part about it is that the trainer is meeting JUST FOR YOU! Which means there’s no telling yourself you can come some other day or time because it’s more convenient. It’s booked and it’s gotta happen. Very rarely do we have people cancel on our one on one sessions and if we do…we make sure it’s a good reason, plus the coach you develop a personal relationship with helps you immensely.

Larger Group Training- Larger group training is more competitive. It allows you to interact with the other trainees around you, give you something to shoot for when you see someone more fit than yourself but inspire you when you see someone less fit working just as hard or harder. I absolutely love to push myself in group training and most of our clients absolutely adore it, which is why our BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp system is so popular. If you resonate with any of this feel free to share this article with someone who may need it, add me on facebook , or email me at with any questions or to get started on a program.






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