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Lakewood Personal Trainer- Why I Love Heroes
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From Lakewood Personal Trainer- Isaac Ho

At BeFit Tacoma we have a banner that says “Be Your Own Hero”. Since I was a little boy I have been all about super heroes, people doing incredible things to help others, people who became more to give to others. Listening to Joseph Campbell talk about heroes the true definition of a hero in a nutshell is someone who goes through hardship to become more and come back to give gifts and blessings to other people.

In my map of the world a heroT gives and a villain takes. When I was starting my first four years as a Lakewood personal trainer I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading articles, watching DVD’s, and studying from some of the top fitness pro’s in the industry. It was creepy how much I geeked out when I met them in real life. It was like a teenage girl with a crush on Justin Beiber. Pretty bad. I still geek out a little when I meet them but I realize that the more I grow the more I realize they’re just people like me. And by realizing that and working hard to grow I’ve become a hero to some people. It gives me a lot to live up to but a goal to constantly work towards. And not a day goes by that I’m not proud to be someone who have spent a lot of time dedicating themselves to being the best like my heroes before me. My goal for everyone that comes through my facility is to become their own heroes, just like I worked to become mine.

One day we will figure out what he was putting the water supply to make everyone love him so much

I saw Skyfall with my brother on Monday night. There are many different kinds of heroes and Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond is one of my favorite. It’s quite different than most heroes, his dedication is really to his country but you see that get split and challenged when he falls in love with Vesper in the Casino Royale and sets off to avenge her in Quantum of Solace. What makes James Bond such a unique character is the way he has to respond to the world around him. Because of who he is, the situations he is in, and the fact that he has no mask to hide behind the cold side of him he has to display to the people that challenge him is the exterior that becomes his interior. You can let that sink in for a second.

On the other hand heroes like Batman (who I absolutely love) and lately the TV show ” Arrow” ( I watch every Wednesday), have alter ego’s. The jerks they pretend to be to everyone else. The real them is the hero, the alter ego is the person that is usually the complete opposite of themselves to hide from the world. James Bond has no such lucky card to play. Halo 4 was released and I beat it yesterday. Someone asked me last night what Halo was about…and I ended up feeling super um….gotta save the world…

Any attempt to explain the history of that universe would have ended up embarrassing me further. I felt like just trying to explain it I was suiting up and walking out my door dressed like this….

So I figured it was just safer to stop talking. Not everyone will understand me…I’ve come to realize. Heroes achieve such great strength, discipline, and let’s be honest (usually take quite a beating) it’s awe inspiring but in the end they do it for other people and that’s what makes them so amazing. That’s what I love about heroes. The sacrifice to become more for others. Because you’re reading this blog right now I know you want to become more not only for yourself, but because you have a big heart for others.

Three Ways to Give more at your Gym

One thing I love about BeFit Tacoma is everyone is there to help someone else. Working at commercial gyms I remember if someone came up and talked to you while you were working out you pretty much considered them a creeper. Usually, they were…they would ask you what your sign was. It’s pretty awful! Meat market gyms! But if you have a place where everyone is there to support others then here are three easy ways to add more to the life of those around you.

1. Say Hi To Someone You Don’t Know

We make an extra effort to talk to new members because we realize exercise is a hard enough thing to get started into, the workouts are going to be challenging, we want people who haven’t settled down into the flow of things to get some love right away! Chances are if someone looks new or they are coming to a different class time then usual they could use some extra love. I’ll show you how to spread it.

” Hi my name is Isaac, nickname “don’t touch my hair Ho!”, what’s your name? My biggest struggle with getting to my goals is not eating out. I love pizza too much! Would you like to be my friend?”

It’s grade school but works like a charm! Who would say “No” to that? Not me! I say yes all the time! In fact that’s better then dating lines you get from silly magazines. You gotta be a friend to make a friend!

We can all be friends!

2. Don’t let them do the “stupid stretches”

Often times people come in before class and stand around or sit on the floor and sit and reach for their toes. That is my least favorite stretch in the world. I don’t think I have words strong enough to explain how useless that stretch is. Here’s a few reasons why this stretch is so S*****.

This stretch….I loathe

1. Tension on hamstring length while sitting on the floor is different then standing. Unfortunately, I can’t think of many times where I would need hamstring length while I’m sitting down unless I’m being strangled by someone (James Bond Style) and I need to try to choke my attacker with my leg or reach for my weapon with my leg. When you stand you load your hamstrings and your body is going to adjust for that threat differently then when you’re not loading them. You’ll find if you sit on the floor and try to touch your toes it’s a big difference then trying to touch your toes standing.

2. When you sit and reach you take most of the motion from your low back. Hamstring attach up into your low back so stretching them by moving their insertion points closer to them is pretty similar to putting your kid in a car seat but then leaving hot soup around them. It’s an incomplete way to look at things and doesn’t address lengthening the muscles anymore then hot soup addresses child safety.

3. Core needs to involved on every stretch. Everyone loves the idea of Core training. I can talk about the core longer than you could probably stand the sound of my voice. And if I talked to you about it for that long I’d have to ask you for an Emerald city shake cause I’d be thirsty. Everything attaches to your core so everything is in relative length to the tightness of your core.. Mind blowing I know. So you can’t stretch anything without bringing abs into it. So stretching without recruiting abs on breathing and bracing are going to be less than optimal. The sit and reach is just not doing it.

This how you NOT help someone stretch

4. It’s just lazy. We are here to work out. Let’s try to do some damage while we’re here. Let me show you how you can be a hero. Download this manual we made on soft tissue work and get good enough at it not only to do it for yourself but show others who to do it. You will help their bad days become great when you show them how to get blood flow, relax tight muscles, and increase range of motion before a training session.

Click Here to Download the “Poor Man’s Massage Guide”

3. Plan a hang out.

What I love to hear is our members connecting after a class. Just yesterday one of my members told me she had gone to another members birthday party on Saturday. I’m taking the birthday girl out to lunch today since I missed the party ( too tired after a seminar) but I love to hear that! Members going out of their way to invite others to hang out. I love hanging out with my members, my BeFit Tacoma family, we have amazing campers and we want them to get to know each other. One of our future goals is to plan more events with our members. I don’t train alone, we weren’t meant to be alone. One of my favorite trainers is in Atlanta and we get on the phone to brainstorm and talk about how our business, relationships in our lives, and just own training are going. It’s COOL! If we lived closer we’d hang out and it’d be even COOLER! Like minded people with the same goals are the people you want to hang out with!

That’s it! Over 1,500 words later and you know my fascination for heroes, why you should become one, and how you can start this very day by having a big heart and helping your BeFit Family members.

Much Love! Lakewood personal trainer- Isaac- Signing off


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