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BeFit Tacoma Personal Training Studio Says Thank You!
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It’s your friendly Tacoma Personal Trainer, Isaac, sorry to be away for so long. I’ve been busy as  BeFit Tacoma Personal Training and Tacoma Boot Camp Results Factory doubled it’s size last week and finally broke out of the cocoon to become the butterfly we knew we would be. The number one thing i have to say is THANK YOU! Thank you for making it possible. To anyone who ever thought they got wherever they were without the help of anyone they are so wrong. Countless people have helped us grow our programs and every little piece of love and support has been appreciated. Creating something that you’re truly proud of takes so many little things from graphic artists, photographers, web designers, editors, finances and resources to purchase equipment and buildout, and of course hours and hours of maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and build out. The list of people who have helped me create BeFit and taught and still teach me how to continually improve it is endless.

Tacoma Personal Trainer Shares Core Value

Because of the last six years of foot work and the path I set on and the hard work so many put in our clients walked in amazed on Monday to see the new facility. Many said  that it seemed to completely transform over a weekend but nothing happens in a weekend. If you know someone who went from fat to fit you know exactly what I’m talking about. A week later or a few months or maybe even a year later someone looks at the change in the person and thinks ” WOW! That was fast!” Nothing is ever fast for the person investing so much into changing their lives. To them it’s every single day. Hours of dedication, making decisions of sacrificing what they want for the moment to have something they want in the long run. If they set their minds on the right endeavors then one day it pays off big time. To some it’s a vacation they saved for, that’s all good and cool, who doesn’t like to take a nice trip once and a while. In between training my Tacoma personal training clients and running my Tacoma boot camps I usually work out in between or at the end of the day. That’s my reflection time and where I get to know myself. Am I someone who’s going to be tired at the end of the day and tell myself it’s OK not to train? Or am I someone who brings people around him to hold himself accountable and pushes himself with all the right steps to be successful?

There are far too many people to thank for helping us create the most recent BeFit. From welding that was done last February, to countless looks at different turfs, contractors measuring, pulling rolls of turf over 1,000 pounds off the back of semi trucks with a pick up truck, taking pieces to get powder coated, working through land lords and looking at endless pieces of property…I can’t even list it all it’s mind boggling all the work that went into BeFit Tacoma personal training facility. And every time I think of how much work it was I can only think “Thank you!”. Thank you for helping us work towards something great and beautiful so we can share it with as many people as possible and like we are blessed, bless the lives of others. On that notes most people might think BeFit is happy where it’s at. We are always happy but never complacent. This year we are going to equip every inch of our current facility, run a new cardio strength elite program and in two years go from 2,400 square to 7,200 square feet. We have a big vision for the kind of lives we want to change and who we want to help and it’s a bigger dream than 2,400 square feet. Thank you for helping us create something beautiful and thank you for continuing to help us create more beautiful things to share with others. A special thanks to Robert Blackett for all his help almost every single day in helping me with everything I’m no good at! Here are some pictures on the evolution of BeFit for you to know that anything is possible as long as you know ” It’s not where you start. It’s where you finish”.

tacoma personal trainer shows first facility

Tacoma boot camp starts

Tacoma boot camp improves slightly

Tacoma boot camp takes off

Tacoma boot camp gets turf

Tacoma boot camp gets padded walls

Tacoma personal training studio empty

Tacoma personal training studio is a mess

Tacoma personal trainer broke the door

Tacoma personal trainer hangs the results wall

Tacoma personal trainer puts together rig

BeFit Tacoma Boot camp and Tacoma Personal Training Studio 2012

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