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Ask the over hundred dollar an hour Tacoma Personal Trainer on Abs
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From Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac- AKA (The shopping addict)

Everyone has their own idea what kind of abs they want. The main focus is flat. No one wants a pooch belly, they want a flat belly. The obsession with having a six pack is mostly for guys who are trying to dress up for the movie 300. One of my clients slid this question to me yesterday and I thought it was a great one.

To some people this girl looks sick. To others its’ a dream body. You decide.

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? I back slid a little on my diet and outside of befit exercise (terrible I know). So I have recommitted myself to it and was coming up with a 6 day workout plan for me outside of bootcamp. I read somewhere that you need to have 2 days between ab workouts because thats how long they take to recover and then someone else said that abs recover quickly so you can work on them everyday. I’m not sure which one is right so I figured why not ask the fitness guru (hehe). If you have the time to answer me I’d really appreciate it. Thanks Isaac!

First off, this is a pretty normal reaction to backsliding on diet. The first thing people do is add exercise when things start to go wrong. It’s kind of like spending too much money and then trying to make more money to fix the problem. Yes, it works kind of but the truth is the spending habit needs to stop. It doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to workout or do something six days a week but the goal is…? FAT LOSS. Then nutrition is the first thing of fat loss then we can worry about adding exercise.

Make sure your fat loss is dialed in with our tips from last week’s fat loss seminar. The main three takeaways.

Notes From The Fat Loss Seminar 

1. Know your Numbers

In business they tell you that you should know your Key Performance Indicators. I’d be remiss to say I’m terrible at this, but what gets measured gets improved. I’ve had so many clients fall off the track on nutrition simply because they think they’re doing better then they really are. Nothing wrong with that they just need to realize it and make some small improvement. Improvement is improvement.

So what are your numbers? Use the LSG nutrition system I created to give you a break down on the gradient and make it easy to know where you stand as far as working your way towards fat loss. I would type it out but the truth is this 15 minute video will break down everything you need to know on this. You can also download the success Checklist. The nice thing about knowing how the gradient and check list works is that you will be able to break down your food into groups and know healthy carbs, fats, proteins etc and where they go on the gradient for making you stay the same or helping you lose.




2. Get a little better and stay there 

Sounds simple right? But how do you get a little bit better? The key is to ask yourself on a scale of one to ten with ten being so sure you would put your house one it that you could do this one thing. So if I ask you if on a scale of one to ten that you could go from eating egg mcmuffins from mcdonalds for breakfast to eating an omelot and you wouldn’t wager your house on it then we won’t make that big of a change. Instead I might ask you to just stop going to mcdonalds and have a shake or just eat one half of the bread on the mc muffin or eat a total lower calorie meal there.

Sigh…I haven’t had one of these in so long

Better is better but make sure you can do it. You should be able to 7/10 of the way almost bet your house on it! 🙂

Change one thing at a time and head in the right direction. Incredible transformations that take place over a long time period are done piece by piece for the average person. There are some people who can quite smoking simply by doing it cold turkey but many people go looking for those cigarettes through the trash a few hours later. Don’t be that poor soul.

3. Move more and eat less- Get three minutes of extra hard exercise a day

This is going to make some people very happy. People like to exercise and I don’t blame them. It’s something you can do that to some seems a lot cooler then cooking to get where you want to be. You can feel sore and tired and know you went in the right direction. So what’s the deal here? I need 3 minutes of exercise that is ideally not going to make you too sore, full body, and going to leave you pretty gassed.

In the seminar we did a few variations of this because I wanted our clients to know how it should feel when you’re done.

Here are a few of the exercises that work best for this

1. Full body rope slams (yes you can do this with abs locked down or jumping for cardio we want the cardio version)

2. Band hip extensions or KB swings ( KB swings have a pretty steep curve to do them right I suggest you watch this video to learn the hip hinge but then get your torso more upright then I had it here.

3. Sandbag throw to sprint- this is an exercise you don’t need much to do. Just make a sandbag at home with some canvas and sand, take it to the middle of a park and throw it with both hands from your chest as far as possible then sprint to it and throw it back the other way. Stupid. Simple. Effective.

4. Ball slams or rotational throws- If you have the right kind of walls and Dynamax balls the throws against the walls are great. I like the rotation throws because they won’t eat up your biceps absorbing the force like a chest wall pass will. Some people like  “wall ball” which is popular in Crossfit. That’s not a bad option if your shoulders can elevate at that angle without problems. I do prefer the overhead ball slam for several reason over the wall ball.

On the slam if you do it correctly you will get a ton of lat strength and your standing upwards portion if you do it like the above video will train your backside unlike any other compared to the quads you’ll burn up in wall ball. The less squatting we can do and more hip hinging the better to me.

Bodyweight workouts

Training for a completion challenge that took about 3 minute was a very simple LADDER.

Our modified ladder is where you do a set reps like 5 bupees, then 5 lunges, then 10 star jumps, then 4 burpees, 4 lunges, then 10 star jumps..etc..etc.. *that’s a modified ladder that I like better*

The tiring but essentially non draining on muscles star jump makes a great cardio filler before the burpees eat you alive.

You can add ladders on movements you want to improve at and build a lot of volume into.

The Pushup, Lunge, Pullups by Chad Waterbury is a nice progression. You start at a set number of reps and each day add one so by the end of the month you’re banging out quite a few pullups.

I like this for movements that matter.

What’s a movement that matters? A movement that teaches you somet

Lunges, squats, swings, chin ups,, etc… I do not like these on burpees. They just make people tired and don’t really build good patterns. Of course with every program you take training age into consideration. I would not do deadlifts or swings every day with the average person unless I knew they had impeccable form and could train it while getting fatigued but not going into failure and pain.hing and not just something that makes you tired.

Bodyweight 150 Workout.

Bodweight 150 for time. These are quite popular where trainers will throw out a combination of movements and you’ll see who can complete it in the shortest amount of time. Very crossfit like. We don’t run programs like this at our gym because it doesn’t add to our culture but for individuals it’s not a bad thing to try at home and compete against yourself. I think if you have a very bunch of fit elite people competing for time that are ready to roll out when they’re done then that’s all good. At BeFit Tacoma we’re a family and we start and finish together.

25 jump squats,

25 pushups,

25 burpees,

25 band tears or scap planks (oooh scap planks be so hard),

25 single leg hip bridges each leg,

Start with that and email me for more. 🙂

Wait what about Ab Recovery?

One of the best ways to train abs

I remember reading in Men’s health magazines about ab training before I was a trainer and apparently figured out the secrets to the world. The question was always what body parts can you train every day and what can’t you? The truth is it’s all hogwash. You can train everything every day. You use it anyway don’t you? Now HOW MUCH you use it before you break is another thing! Remember when you tear muscles you create adhesion and sure you can muscle through it but it will start to limit mobility and then cause joint pain.

The question is when you think “abs” do you mean the front of your core? Not the whole core? I certainly wouldn’t train abs by crunching and doing sit ups. Not that it will probably destroy your spine in a matter of years but I would rather give you something heavy to carry in front of you and have you walk around with that for three minutes and see how your core builds stability with shoulder tension! Then you have strong core! Not just “abz”.

There really are no rules for training. From a recovery standpoint bigger muscles take longer to recover and smaller ones recover faster because of the way they oxidize. If you want to train every day you most certainly can as long as you don’t exceed your own capability

 In a nut shell.

1. Lose fat with nutrition

2. You can train anything as much as you want  as long as you don’t exceed your tissue tolerance. This is going to be different for each person.

3. No guarantees you will build max strength like that because you do need recovery

4. For fat loss it’s not necessary to spend all day burning calories. Just remember move more and eat less. The key is to get some kind of exercise in.

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Isaac

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