Tacoma Personal Training
Tacoma Personal Training

Tired of jiggly arms? Want a flat stomach? Tired of being injured or in pain during your favorite activities? Want to feel confident wearing a swim suit to the beach this summer? Bored on the treadmill and doing the same old workouts? Want more energy to do the things you love? Have 12 pounds of unwanted body fat on your stomach that just won’t go away?

Sit down with one of our Tacoma Personal Training solution experts and bring your wants and needs to reality.

Our Results Driven Tacoma Personal Trainer will sit down with you, design your road map to success, and pair you with one of our passionate trainers to coach you through your journey. Keeping you motivated, accountable, and successful with the support and structure you need.

Follow our map. Reach your goal or your money back. No questions asked.

1. Demand the best. Be the Best with our Results Driven BeFit Tacoma Personal Trainers.

We recognize you want the best, you’re not just looking for another gym in Tacoma or Tacoma personal trainer, that’s why you’ve come to us: the Tacoma personal trainer with a focus on solution outcome. Your first step begins by sitting down with one of our trainer and conveying with us exactly what you want and what you’re looking for so we can recognize your individual needs. From there we’ll bring you to your goals or find you another Tacoma personal trainer or Tacoma gym who can because we’re all about your results.

2. Your journey begins with a body blue print at our Tacoma Personal Training Studio.

After establishing your reason for working with us, one of our caring Tacoma Personal Trainers will take you through a unique evaluation process designed exclusively for BeFit Tacoma not found in any other gym in Tacoma. This unique body blue print is a combination of assessments learned from personal trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors across the nation and then improved upon to identify your strengths and help us recognize potential weakness’s that will slow you down from reaching your goal. After your blue print is complete the blueprint will be sent to the head of the program design department. World Renowned Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac will design your personalized training program using his exclusive combination of knowledge of hybrid training systems. Once your program is designed our Tacoma personal trainers will set you up with a coaching program

3. Select a Training Option

One on one coaching with one of our Tacoma personal trainers is our most exclusive program option reserved for our clients with distinguished taste. Benefit include: full attention of your own personal trainer, constant instruction and coaching, motivation, hands on learning and education of how each exercise will lead you to your goal, and adjusting the program as it needs on a day to day basis makes every training session your best workout yet. This is the fastest way to make your bodies dream a tomorrow reality.

Semi-private coaching
is at set times during the week. Clients train in the gym in teams of 2-4 people, each working on their own individual programs with one of our attentive Tacoma personal trainer supervising every session and ensuring you stay on point to reach your goal. This is the best value Tacoma personal training program of any gym in Tacoma.

4. Follow the program and nutrition guidelines

Train smart, eat right and you’ll reach your goals in the timeline we set out. Guaranteed. If not your money back. That’s our unmatched action plan guarantee. We’re just as serious as you are about you getting results. Our Tacoma Personal Training Team is committed to your success.

Get started by filling out an application to put your name on the waiting list for a complimentary body blue print with one of our Tacoma Personal Trainers.
All programs at BeFit Tacoma are designed by Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac, our quality of service is held at the highest level; because of this we can only take and serve a limited number of clients.


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