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Tacoma personal trainer- Too many thoughts
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From Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac Ho,

To: You wonderful person for reading this.

I’ve got a lot on my mind, granted it could be that I changed my lifting schedule to eight to ten thirty pm or the caffeine I have ( no it’s not healthy but we all have our vices ;), but man I have a lot on my mind so let’s get to it while I’m still fired up!

This was my dessert after training tonight. Low fat cottage cheese and mango. Might as well call it muscle mango.

Kettlebells in Seattle

The Friday training crew!

Last week I worked with Andrea Chang of Kettlebility in Seattle one on one. One hundred twenty five dollars an hour, yes if she coaches you for 30 minutes extra you owe an extra sixty bucks. She’s worth the money, from one very snobby trainer to another, Andrea is truly a master at her hard style art and even though it takes me an hour and fifteen minutes each way to make it from Gig Harbor to Greenlake with traffic it’s worth it. Sometimes I make it twice a week.


If you’re anything like me you think you’re smart. You bought all the books and DVD’s, you taught yourself how to swing the bells and practice for hours. You trained with some people who know how to use bells and worked out alongside them. You ask yourself why in the world would you invest in someone to teach you how to use something you can use already. Well shocker, I was doing it less than optimal, in fact I spent more time UNLEARNING my mistakes then really learning how to do anything new. My very basic exercise the swing was not clean enough to pass the hardstyle test for the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge).

I guess to understand why I would even pay over two thousand dollars to take a weekend cert on Kettlebells (RKC) that most people don’t even pass you would have to understand that I love continued education. A perfect day in my mind is learning stuff I can apply to make things better, just small things, show me how to do a row even one percent better and I love you forever.  There is this idea called ” joint centration” basically it’s a PT term for joints stacked on each other in the strongest position to withstand force, where your body should ideally be. Well, most people don’t lift centrated and then have problems down the road with energy leaks and imbalances.

A few months back I attended a seminar by Dr.Charlie Weigngroff (CWAGON) for two days and all he seemed to talk about was how the RKC was better then any personal training course or seminar you could go to. In fact he basically said do NOT go get a personal training cert just go to the RKC. The concepts of the strength and joint stacking he taught made sense and some aspects were being taught in the  RKC, being an all in person I signed up for it only to find once I met Andrea an RKC team leader ( she decides if you pass or fail) that my technique was not going to pass.

Go figure.

A lesson in “you think you can watch a DVD and learn but nothing replaces a coach”…I should have known better….after all, I tell my clients all the time “the men’s health magazine will NOT save you.”

Massage School Orientation 

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know that I am a progressive person. Yes! I loved graphic t’s and still do but my style grows. Well the same goes for training, yes, I love to lift and learn how the human body moves but I love to reset it into the best position possible. Guess what helps you do this? Soft tissue work, who’s the best at this? Massage therapists.

Last Saturday, I found myself in a massage school orientation practicing on someone paler then me (I, is the right way to say this but I don’t care). Since my best friend is a massage therapist I know a little more then the average Jack about this topic but it didn’t make giving a swedish massage any easier. I noticed my right thumb was a lot weaker and more hyper extended then my left; I then went on to notice that many people are the same.

Massage is a lot like training, basic moves, format, and rules. Once you know them inside and out you can break them and create something truly special. I can tell it’s going to be a long time before I get there. Good thing I’m starting now!

Excited to look back at the end of 2013 with a whole new set of skills, training tools, and perspective on the human body.

I’m Excited and so is Mr.Bear

What’s in a name?

I’m all about meaning. Give someone something and they are satisfied for a second, give their life meaning and they are satisfied for a lifetime. Pretty good huh?

I made that up just now. Cool huh? Yeah. We should hang out. Anyway looking through a personal training development magazine I saw that the person featured in the magazine’s name was “Valorie” she then went on to explain it means with determined purpose, and that’s how she approaches everything in her life.

My name is Isaac it means laughter. I love to laugh and my buddy Ross in Atlanta tells me I crack him up as we have our bromance talks on the phone about training and life.

Ross’s Boot Camp. Yes I feel free to plug away for great people!

Your name comes to define you, how you treat life and what you do. But your name is more then the one you’re born with it’s the ones you give yourself in your head.

Fat. Clumsy. Failure. Cheater. Lazy. Tired. Stupid. Quitter.

If you give yourself these names in your head how will you ever become the person you really want to be?

I was reading an ebook today on Bigger. Smaller. Bigger from a sports nutrition company about gaining 20 lbs of muscle in 28 days, losing the weight in days then putting the muscle back on using some very advanced dehydration and nutrition strategies. Boy was that a fun read! I took a look around the blog and saw an article about the person you are and the shadow that you are.


Me: Isaac is a determined, bright young man who can conquer any obstacle life gives him constantly bettering himself to make his life and the life of other people around him better.

Shadow Me: Isaac is lazy and can barely do any work. He loves to sleep and doesn’t think he’ll ever get over some of  the biggest heartbreaks of his life. Sometimes he thinks he’s had enough of this and wants to hide under his sheets and let the world pass him by.

Which one is the real me? BOTH. Which one do I beat down most of the time? The shadow me.

We’re both of these but learning to defeat the shadow and giving yourself a name stronger then your Shadow is key to victory.

Tacoma personal trainer Isaac reminding you to BeFit and stay committed to getting better.


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