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Tacoma Personal Trainer Four Steps To Your Puzzle
Tacoma Personal Trainer Four Steps To Your Puzzle
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Your Friendly Tacoma Personal Trainer Welcomes You!

tacoma personal trainer says welcome

I'm Happy You're Here!

Welcome to the new BeFit Tacoma site. Originally, when I decided to create a website I wanted the blog on the front page but there was some confusion with the designer and we ended up creating an external Tacoma Personal Training page for it. Since then the external site been ranked as one of the top sites for personal training information in Tacoma and we went on to create specific BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp pages and my own Tacoma personal trainer blog site built around talking about training topics, mindset, personal topics, and life habits that I find important. This blog is meant to be more about the things that relate to BeFit Tacoma’s physical gym location as well as tweaked content from the other sites. This is the first post for the new site and though I’ve been putting out content for a while now on the other sites it’s a pleasure to share my life with you here.

Tacoma Personal Trainer Talks The Puzzle

I hope you’re having a beautiful amazing Sunday. Time is precious. It’s the only thing you Tacoma personal trainer puzzle piecescan’t buy more of. The fact I can write this right now and you’re reading it is a blessing. On Sundays I like to take some time for my family and loved ones. Today my whole family got together to have  lunch in Federal Way and my brother and I started to talk about his association. He came to the conclusion he needed new friends to ” share” with. When he said “share” he meant he goes to work, makes money and wants someone to enjoy spending his money with. The problem is most of his friends don’t have the attitude of constantly growing and improving. They invest their time in activities that keep them right where they are and don’t elevate themselves. It’s rare for them to sit around and talk about their future or getting ahead further than where they are.


That conversation lead into a gateway about how he was no longer going to have expectations for the friends he spends time with or the girls he talks with. He told me, ” If you don’t have expectations you can’t get let down”. Now my brother is actually older than I am so I don’t like to lecture him but I ended up having to give him a few thoughts on this. I’ve already talked about standards here on my Tacoma personal training blog but let’s reiterate. You get exactly what you ask for. If you don’t ask for anything you won’t get anything. The guy who says ” I’m just lucky to have friends” needs to take a good hard look at why his standards are so low just like the person who says, ” I’m just happy I made it into the gym today, that’s a big deal for me!” Standards will make or break you.

"tacoma personal trainer" what are your standards

Raise the Bar for Yourself

Once you understand standards you’ll realize you have to have standards for everything you do in life. From the people you associate with to the food you eat. If you go to Taiwan you can’t drink the water there because they have certain standards that aren’t suitable for humans or you’ll get sick! Standards are not only important they’re essentail.


"tacoma personal trainer" don't live for the weekends

Don't do this

My brother said he needs to “share” with others what he works hard for. My brother is registered nurse studying to be an optometrist and his life has pretty much gone like this

Parents say go to nursing school…Became a nurse and made money….worked as little as he needed to because he had enough money but not goals…looked for a place to get happiness externally from like other people because he’s not happy with what he does everyday..picked a different career that would make more money so he could spend less time working and more time doing things he liked more than work.

See my brother has the same problem most people do. They spend five days of their life doing something they hate so they can spend two days doing something that helps them escape from the other five days. His solution for figuring out how to be happier was fixing the two days he had on the weekends to be more relaxing and fun when he really needed to figure out how to make the other five days of his life purpose driven.

Your Purpose Puzzle

Think of life as one big puzzle. If you have no idea what the big picture is you can’t figure out how to put the pieces together. It’s great to get things like a nice car, a sweet boy friend or girlfriend, a cute puppy, a high paying job, or a trip to Europe but where on the puzzle do these chunks go? As you start to get pieces you can form blocks to create your big picture but if you have no idea what your puzzle looks like any block goes and the puzzle never gets completed. See you’re going to come into a facility one day and ask about how many days a program is and how much it is. Those are great questions but they tell me you don’t know what you want. I ask each client that comes through my door, ” What are your fitness goals?”. I get answers that aren’t thought out like ” I want to be more toned, I want to lose some weight, I want to be fit, and I want to feel better.”

See answers like this aren’t only generic but they’re harmful for the person who said them. Because what’s feel better? If I give you two aspirin are you going to feel better? If you want to lose some weight and you lose one pound are we doing with your fitness goals? See the more people I’ve worked with the more I’ve realized is that people don’t know what they want. They don’t think about it enough.

What’s the difference between, ” I want to lose some weight so I feel better” and ” I want to go from a size 8 to a size 4 in six months so I can show up at my ex husbands wedding with a hot date and show him how foolish he was for leaving me.”

Damn. That’s a goal! What a breathe of fresh air! I know exactly what nutrition program you’re going to need, what kind of exercises, how many days a week, and I got a pretty good idea of how hard you’re going to work!  But the person who doesn’t know what they want from their own body rarely knows what they want for their whole life.  In our gym you’ll see the banner up next week that says ” A man who has mastered an art displays it in his every action- Samurai Maxim”.  Everything affects everything.

So here’s your friendly Tacoma personal trainer’s 4 steps to figuring out your puzzle 

1. How big is your puzzle?

Is your life small and concentrated to one specific goal or topic or is it huge and going to make a world impact? Someone who’s goal in life is to end world hunger is probably going to have a lot more work to do than someone who wants to serve the best Indian food in Tacoma. Nothing wrong with either goal but you need to know the size of your puzzle.

2. What is bigger than your big picture?

See most people look at me and think ” Gym Owner”. Gym owner is part of the picture, admittedly a big part of my picture but why do I have a gym? To Bring Education, Fitness and Intensity Together. BEFIT. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. You have a picture but what does that picture really convey? Could someone stand back and get a total sense and feeling of what you aim to accomplish by looking at your complete puzzle? For most people you can’t. You see I don’t need to have a gym. I could train a few clients here or there at another studio, spend most of my time teaching and lecturing, and write articles that would accomplish the same mission that I have in my heart. The gym is just one segment of my puzzle.

3. What are your segments?

What do you want from your physical body? Your career? Your financial life? Before you even start drawing out your picture you should know what your big purpose was “your bigger than big picture”. Once you have that figured out start breaking down what you want specifically in that picture. How big are certain portions compared to other portions? If you don’t do step one or two this part is impossible.

4. Assemble the pieces

"Tacoma personal trainer" loves hand holding Now let’s sit down and put this together.  Being a helpless romantic let’s say my purpose is to create a puzzle to stir beautiful romantic feelings in people on a grand scale. I pick a 1,000 piece puzzle and put a couple holding hands in Paris front and center. then I place the Eiffel tower in the background to the right, cobble streets, lamp lights lining the streets, the Paris city with lights surrounding the border of the city, and the big beautiful white moon in the top center. Gorgeous! Now let’s say we didn’t know what we wanted to create. We decided we liked cobble streets and city lights somewhere in there and put the cobble streets on the top left and the city lights down the center. We also had no idea how big we wanted this picture so we drew it on a piece of board too small and later decided we wanted to put the moon in there somewhere but had no idea where to put it. See the importance of vision?

"Tacoma personal trainer" you're missing pieces

Life is a puzzle and you’re going to spend your days collecting the pieces but if you don’t know what pieces are important to you you may end up with someone else’s pieces or placing them in the wrong places. You see I’m passionate about fitness but why? It’s because my true passion is helping people get the most out of their lives. Fitness is just one medium and as much as I love fitness it’s not the most important thing in the world. I don’t want you living every day to come in the gym. There are more important things to do. The most important thing you can do is take some time and plan out your puzzle. Don’t rush this either. Turn off your TV, turn off your radio, get away from distraction, close your facebook browser window, and turn off your cell phone. Your life puzzle determines everything you do afterwards and if you’re trying to come up with it on the spot or even worse, don’t even think about it then you may end up putting together a puzzle that didn’t have all the pieces to start with.




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  • June 21, 2012 at 2:33 am

    Wow, what a very moving peice. It really makes one think 😉 … thank you.

  • July 7, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely glad I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

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