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Tacoma Personal Trainer Dissects Training for Figure and Physique Part One
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From Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac Ho:

I hope you’ve been well. After this last weekend I’ve been on this mission to GSD. Get S*** done. One of the things on my list is writing to you, because quite honestly you’re important to me. You’re probably wondering WHY you’re important to me; or thinking “he tell that to all the girls! (mad blushing ensues)”. But I’m being serious witcha ( yes I said witcha), BeFit stands for ” Bringing Education Fitness and Intensity Together” so by educating you on fitness and health I accomplish my core value in life. I love getting new experiences and learning new things so I can share with you. Now you’re free to blush.


Last weekend I learned mucho information. Yes! Mucho information, but not only limited to the seminar  I attended but just talking to a variety of people at the seminar and hearing about their life experiences taught me mucho. If you didn’t know I don’t train bodybuilders. I’m not a bodybuilder myself and if I have a hard time convincing the average client to stop eating McDonalds, so it may be pretty difficult for me to convince someone that hardboiled eggs is a cheat meal or a smacking a “think thin” protein bar out of their hand , but that’s the body builder lifestyle.

In case you’re wondering what the difference here between bodybuilding, physique, fitness, bikini, and figure here’s the breakdown cheat sheet.

A Figure Athlete Showing Her…Figure? I guess…

The Help Me Isaac Guide to Competition Classes for People Into Tanning

Bodybulding– the largest class and what most people consider relatively “unattractive” . Different folks for different strokes ya know?


Physique– A little smaller than bodybuilding but still rather muscular

And they get smaller….

Figure– Lean and some muscle (bring the sexy)

And Smaller…

Fitness- Like physique or bodybuilding but you have to be able to perform a quasi gymnastic routine, you know rep your fitness into application.

Better have skills if you’re gonna compete here…

Bikini- you just didn’t eat and showed up (ok not that bad but you don’t need much muscle for this category.

Bikini Girls Showing Up!

Depending on where you’re at currently and how your body is built you’re going to adhere better to one of these categories than the other. One may require you to gain a lot of size before leaning down for your shows and others may just require you to start dieting.

8 Things I learned from Kyong About Training for Figure

Kyong one of the coaches at my gym is doing a figure contest coming up at the end of March in Vancouver Portland and her carry on for the airplane ride was a cooler with her food for the weekend. Definitely committed. Definitely impressive. Definitely very entertaining.

Kyong and her water. Yes we did get through that in a few days.


I had a chat with Kyong over the weekend about the multiple gallons of water she had with her and wanted to pick her brain about training for her competition. I’ll save you the long questions and boring babbling it basically came down to this.

1. She had no specific program just splits. One body part per day.

2. She couldn’t tell you how much weight she did for most exercises just that it happened.

3. Her strength didn’t increase much over her long period though due to her diet her bodyweight definitely changed and the way she looked ( AKA her sexiness factor).

4. The way she looks has definitely improved but movement patterns seem to have gotten worse or maintained ( I noticed her posture became worse and she noted her aches and pains increased).

5. It’s extremely time consuming and you dream about food at night and make a list of all the food you want to eat when you can eat again after the competition ( She had the vodoo donut website open half the time planning out her post show donut regiment) .

6. The diet gets progressively more difficult the closer you get to the contest to a point where you start to have problems sleeping ( sweating in your sleep and being too hot is normal).

7. Posing was hard for her and moving her body into positions to appear to have muscles where she didn’t helped her tremendously for the show but not necessarily with her posture or her back pain….beauty has its price.

8. It’s expensive, a custom suit is in the hundreds, working with a posing coach, dietician, food and supplements (if your nutritionist puts you on supplements), training, tanning, and your competition card add up fast!


DREW RAGEN! Sorry ladies he’s happily married!

My friend Drew of Impact Performance in Bellevue told me he was doing a Physique show in 12 weeks as well. I had to pick his brain too! What possessed him?

Spur of the moment (Drew is daring and dashing like that I’m always jealous) he decided he wanted to do one in minimal time. For preparation he was doing the same training program he was before but just adding some cardio and working with a dietician. In just four weeks he added 6 pounds of extra muscle and dropped several body fat percentage without really changing his program at all (his cardio was sprints not treadmills or elliptical. His program had him on a lot of supplements and clean eating, once again a big round of applause to nutrition, the most important part of any program no matter what! On a side note Drew is one of the strongest guys I know he dumbbell rows 120lbs dumbbells for over 20 reps and deadlifts over 500lbs. A complete beast and former college football player, he’s also ridiculously handsome and one of the nicest guys I know so of course it makes sense he would do a physique contest to make me even MORE jealous.

So What Gives?

What gives brosef?

What’s going on with these bodybuilders?

They get on diets.

They get on whatever lifting program they want and add whatever cardio they want.

That’s pretty much all they have in common.

They all look better in the end.

I’m a training SNOB. SNOB is a polite word, I think some of my clients and coaches call me a what was the word…..brat?

Yes…I do believe “brat” was the word. Truth is I love to program, programming to me is an art. I better stop talking about programming before I start ranting..but…IT”S YOUR TREASURE MAP TO THE CAVE OF GOLD! DON”T LOSE IT! NEVER LET IT GO! RUN BEFORE THEY TRY TO TAKE IT FROM YOU!!!

…..sorry about that…..kind of lost it there…


I’ll have part two where I go train with a bodybuilder coming soon but in the meantime if you have any questions email me at If you enjoyed this at all please feel free to share or leave a comment below.




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