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Don’t let anyone pull one over you today, we have to stick together and keep on the path to results.

Let's Make Sure We Get Some Expert Advice

Let’s Make Sure We Get Some Expert Advice

I just realized it was April fools this morning when I saw someone posting they where retiring from their fitness business on Facebook. Then I had to check my calendar…knew it! Almost had me!

Here’s one fitness tips you may have heard that is ABSOLUTELY FOOLISH. It still goes around the gym and passes as “legitimate advice” so I’m debunking it today to keep you in the green!


Follow the correct advice below, eat clean and do BOTH with consistency of purpose and you'll be toned like these ladies here!

Follow this and eat clean with consistency of purpose and you’ll be toned like these ladies here!

There are two ways to make a muscle more toned, actually three but the third people usually don’t think of.


You pump the muscle up, like a balloon your muscles expand that’s what’s called “the pump” by many bodybuilders. Doing lots of reps is like pumping a lot of air into the muscle the problem is when the air is gone…so does the muscle size!


You expand the size of the balloon, increase max capacity. This is what lifting heavier does by stimulating different elements of the muscle cell. This is my preferred way of building muscle, building a denser, thicker, better, bestest balloon! Though this is my preference I still use some of number one.


Electric Shock to the balloon! The balloon gets big and small but what determined the constant STATE of the balloon. Is it going to pull tight or relax? Electric tone and nervous system input do this. So tone is a matter of electric input, too much or too little can both be bad. This is where FREQUENCY and overloading and under loading the nervous system come into play.

To “tone an area we have to make sure we take a combined approach.

Start with principle number two, make sure your balloon is STRONG so it can be filled with more air.

Then make sure you train it enough times during a week on the same stress to ensure it has a constant reminder to stay SHOCKED.

Finish your workouts with a pump to not only get your heart rate up and kick start the fat burning process but also to expand the balloon to the max after the other elements are trained.

Happy Start of Spring!

Get yourself something nice from the mall! Something with some pastel colors in it! 😉



PS. If you need help working this system into your training email me at and we’ll work together to get you a customized program.

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