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Tacoma Personal Trainer- My Adventure In Paleo Land
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The word Paleo is a funny one. In a Paleo book I read it said, ” Yes, cavemen lived to only be 30 years old but they had a lot more going against them like disease, infection, no shelter and no Nikes.

OK. I made the last part up….but seriously in a world with no sneaks…those poor feet!

Too often I find we get caught up in what someone does to label them, if you are allergic to gluten and don’t eat dairy are you Paleo now? Or maybe you have celiac disease and are lactose intolerant….who knows. Should we be calling the celiac and lactose intolerant people Paleo brethren now?

The Real Caveman Truth…

I think the real problem is with so much information we’re trying to group people into things…” Oh this person does boot camp, that person is a “crosfitter”, that’s a Chiropractor, that’s a massage therapist…”

Eating healthy to me is not about a label it’s about understanding WHAT you want and then WHY eating that way will give you the desired effect. Not just being Paleo or anything else because it’s supposed to be healthy.

If you read my last blog post I talked about the way the body heals, food groupings and chemicals changing the way your body is supposed to digest food; in a nutshell organ health from food abuse being one of the things that could be stopping you from losing the last 5 pounds you may be gaining steadily every year.

As an update, I still have not had any coffee or energy drinks (staying away from Caffeine), I have avoided dairy and gluten like the plague except on two small occasions, one which I felt no effects at all, probably because three tiny street tacos won’t take you down and second I had to try the shrimp sandwiches my girlfriend was making. I can tell you I definitely noticed a difference the next day but still can’t figure out if it was the sugar in the ketchup, the small slices of french bread it was on or the gluten in the shrimp patty that held it together.

But overall not too shabby for three weeks if I do say so myself, I did lose about nine pounds by week two, I’d love to say that’s awesome because I definitely noticed a drop in fat but I have been working out the same or more and I definitely noticed a BIG drop in strength. The lack of caffeine could be playing a big role in that but time will tell. Like I said before this is not a cleanse I am attempting but a nutrition experiment to see how this could help my body and mind.

How Most Of Us Live



The Realest Word Known to Man

After training and treating clients on Saturday I raced to Seattle to the Experience Music Project Theater and went to the first weekend of the “STAR WARS EXHIBIT” . All the costumes where on display, what an amazingly fun time I had with my friends and my brother. My girlfriend tagged along to go shopping but by the time we where done she was HANGRY. That’s the mix between hungry and angry. When you get hungry and it also makes you angry. See below for some great pics of the exhibit as well as the urban use of “HANGRY”

tacoma personal trainer star wars

My Favorite Guy In All of Star Wars!

Everyone loves Chinese food, being Chinese American I love the fake American style Chinese food, I went to China and it’s a lot of soup and fried rice isn’t a thing, in case you where wondering, neither is walnut prawns….so if you’re going I would go for the Panda exhibit not the food. How in the world do you eat clean if you’re in China town? We went to hot pot where I got shrimp, three orders of lamb, chicken and no rice. The worse thing was the soy sauce which tragically was not gluten free but with a victory like this who could be HANGRY! šŸ˜‰
See what I did there?

Later we went to get some bubble tea, which I got a “REAL FRUIT SMOOTHIE”, no sugar added. Basically blended up fruit. It still tasted phenomenal and I can tell you that once again, I survived the ordering process.

The next day I cooked food for my family. My mom is not a cook, she’s one of those people who has all the stuff but hates cooking. It kind of reminds me of people who home gyms that are super well equipped who never get around to using it. She always asks me how much would it be to hire my girlfriend to just cook food for her.

Last week I was at Costco with her picking up some in bulk toilet paper and she asked me if I was hungry. Why yes Mom, I could eat, what are you making?

Spaghetti and Meat balls kirkland signature style.

I had to pass, 26 years of that probably didn’t do my organs many favors. I didn’t have the time or ingredients then but I told my mom I would cook for her and the family the next weekend.

So here I am now, one of my new Paleo cook books but that my girlfriend (she’s a flavor aficionado) has been eyerolling at me the whole week now and It’s cooking time. It took me about two hours to cook this food with the assistant of two wonderful prep chefs, my brother and my mom. I can tell you that the recipes are solid BUT there’s a few things that could have gone a lot better.

A portion of food was brought to my girlfriend so she could tell me what she thought about the food. Most mysterious to me was the dryness of my turkey burgers…those things are supposed to be brown right? Here’s what I found out.

Here’s a few tips.

A. If you’re making Turkey Burgers, make sure you get 93% lean not 99%. The lean turkey is too dry and cooks way too fast, you almost can’t cook it at all if you want a juicy burger. Staying away from artificial sugar you would have to make some kind of sauce

Tacoma Personal Trainer Turkey Burger

B. If the recipe says 1 pound of green beans for eight minutes of cooking, do not try to do three for eight and not stir it. Sounds like common sense but it wasn’t for my mom. TheĀ green beans won’t magically cook themselves.

Tacoma Personal Trainer Green Beans

An Even Dark Green Says Done

C. If you’re blackening shallots, make sure you don’t use all your fat right away, the shallots won’t cook. You need to get them on there with a tiny bit, then melt the rest of the fat to pour over the veggies AFTER they’re brown, otherwise you’ll just evaporate all your precious cooking fat.

D. Squash and Kumquats is amazing, definitely make that recipe. I think it’s impossible to mess up too!

Tacoma Personal Trainer Cooks

E. If you decide to do bacon covered dates it is time consuming, especially if your mom isn’t having you do 12 but 40 plus a whole pineapple. To save time cut all the stuff up first and then stuff them, but if you cut your bacon vertical like the recipe suggests you’ll end up with one lean strip of bacon and one fatty strip, you’re better off cutting it diagonalĀ or short.

Tacoma Personal Trainer Dessert

F. Sweet potato pancakes are amazing but make sure you add enough cinnamon, you’ll def need it.

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Purple Sweet Potatoes

G. If you’re trying to do gluten free Mustard CAN have wheat flour added to cheapen it as a filler, so yes, you wouldn’t think but not all Mustard is gluten free, you can grind your own but that takes time. Mustard strength varies so you may find yourself adding more than you thought when making the Mustard Chicken. It should be a thicker coating of glaze than the fat you melted it with, otherwise you’re just going to have some good chicken thighs that taste like chicken.

Tacoma Personal Trainer Glazed Mustard Chicken

I’m off to Hawaii next week, but I’ll have some eating adventures for you there! Email me at for any suggestions, tips or feed back!



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