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University Place Personal Trainer- You’re a Star Blazer
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From University Place Personal Trainer- Isaac Ho

Well, the end of the world didn’t come. I heard some people say they were disappointed, I guess that means they had a lot of problems and they were hoping the end of the world would just solve it for them. If you’re still scolding the Mayans for miscounting it’s time to STOP! You have five days until 2013 starts and right now you have to decide. Decide what?


Decide if you’re going to fail or succeed. At our BeFit Tacoma Christmas Party we had a gift exchange. It was a fun time and though we get together several times a week to ” BeFit” it’s nice to take a time or two a year to ” BeFat” together as well. Between the stealing and laughter of the gift exchange at the end I received a book called “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. He has written several other books such as Outliers and Tipping Point. Outliers is, I hear from someone crazy intelligent, his best. Having only read Outliers (though owning the others) I would have to say I agree.

Outliers teaches you to look for the patterns in greatness. The patterns in anything really. What are the patterns that successful people have? At the same time you have to disqualify people with certain anomaly advantages. Let’s take an example of someone who wakes up every morning at 5:30 am.

If I want to wake up at 5:30am (a big adjustment from my 10 am), what do most people who wake up at 5:30 am do?


They go to bed earlier– that’s pretty simple. I used to talk to clients who went to bed around 8:30 pm and I was Midnight is pretty early for me. Now it makes sense….you’re going to get up at four am….oooooooh.

They let the light wake them up– Probably one of the best pieces of advice from one of my clients who woke up for years at five am without fail was she left her shades upon slightly. Obviously this works better in the summer.

They wake up for something- Many of my early morning risers at my gym tell me, ” I get up early because I have kids”. I don’t have kids but you know what, I got something I need to get up for. No one to get up for besides you? You’re probably not going to get up.

Taking those three pieces of advice you could probably make a half way decent effort to wake up earlier if you applied them.

One of my clients (I love my clients, I don’t run boot camp as much as I did before but I still love seeing the campers), told me that since my Birthday is on New Years I have a double reason to reach my goals and consequently that’s why I always do. I don’t know if I agree with her but it does give me incentive to know that not only am I responsible for a my new year goals but the next chapter of my life when midnight strikes.

This is not my reflection on 2012 post. Instead this is me letting you know that you can succeed this year.

I believe in setting yourself up to succeed but more than I believe, with all my heart, that you can succeed  with or without patterns. Patterns will make it easier for you to succeed but if you don’t have all the stars lining up to help you, it doesn’t mean you CAN”T succeed. Sure it will take you more hard work than others, you will struggle, and you will probably force yourself back into patterns without knowing so you can survive easier but there is no reason you cannot achieve what you want this year.

Maybe someone else out there failed.

Maybe they didn’t make it.

Maybe it set an example of what failure looks like to you.

Maybe in the past you failed.

That isn’t you anymore.

You’re someone else.

Patterns be damned.

You’re a trail setter.

A star blazer.

You’ll succeed because you work twice as hard.

Because no one else has a bigger heart than you.

And because you will never quit no matter how hard it gets.



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