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Tacoma Personal Trainer- The Bass Is Off
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From Tacoma Personal Trainer- Isaac Ho
*I blog between three of our sites and also write guest articles so sorry if you have noticed a lack of posts on this site.*

I hope you’re having a great week. Wednesday is to some people hump day but it sure doesn’t have to be. I’m always curious when I hear about people who seem to struggle through their lives. 

“God! I’m so glad I got through this week…so I can have two days and then struggle through again!”

This is what you dreamed of as a little kid, grew up, and worked so hard so you could have?

Or maybe the problem is they didn’t work hard..and so they didn’t get what they wanted.

Since I know you’re reading this you’re not one of those people.

Life is too short to live miserably, in the end, we determine our own happiness. 

The tanning salon upstairs had complaints about our music and voices so after rearranging the stereo system twice we decided the only way was to cut the bass. I mean totally turn the subwoofer off Now the speakers (not the subwoofer) the speakers alone are four hundred dollars…and they are pretty ridiculous so while we were training with only the tweeters one of my friends who stopped by was like, “That is some serious bass man”.

“It’s not even on”, I told him.

Sad when you can’t use everything that you have in your life to the fullest potential.

The bass is gone.

Is your bass gone? Do you have potential that you’re not utilizing, that you’re letting sit and waste away because some tanning salon upstairs told you you were too loud?

Take out a piece of paper and make a list of all the resources, people you know, areas you need improvement in…etc… that you can contact to help you make your life better. You probably have much more than 350 dollar bass in your life you’re not even utilizing. 

Today, I talked to a client of mine who told me she was getting stronger but her clothes weren’t shrinking, her weight wasn’t dropping…in four weeks those things should have happened.

I asked her if she had been asking for feed back on her food, figuring out percentages…etc…

The answer was NO!I told her to msg it to me so I could help her. If you truly want to succeed in life you have to utilize the resources in your life to get better…because in the end. Only you stop you from succeeding.

Tacoma personal trainer- Isaac

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