BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp
BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp

From Tacoma Personal Trainer, Isaac Ho, founder of BeFit Tacoma,

Dear Friend,

My name is Isaac Ho, Tacoma’s outcome expert personal trainer and founder of BeFit Tacoma.

I believe in being one hundred percent transparent. In fact, that’s why I believe I’m successful today. I respect your time so please only keep reading this if you’re interested in fat loss.

Why did I create a boot camp system? When I first started training clients I expected to train martial artists, foot ball players, elite athletes, and the next big Armani model. But at my first personal training job at a gym in Tacoma, I was hired by my first client Heather. If it wasn’t for her you wouldn’t be reading this today and I’d probably be writing screen plays in California for the next big summer block buster that is released in 3D when it absolutely doesn’t need to be.

Heather didn’t want to have a six pack, squat a thousand pounds, or compete in a body building competition she just wanted to lose 25 pounds of fat that was hanging in all the wrong places, be healthy, and have more energy so she could take care of her daughter. She was the boss so that’s what we did. Heather told everyone what an amazing trainer I was and when she reached her goal she told me, ” Isaac, thanks for helping me change my life”. I got addicted to the feeling of changing someone’s life by helping them drop sizes, unwanted fat, and be healthier for their loved ones.

I’ve trained hundreds of “Heather’s” since then. I was known as the “fat loss guy” at every gym I trained clients and infamously “the cardio king”.

Word got around and while other personal trainers couldn’t get a single client my schedule booked up and though it was encouraging all I could see was all the “Heather’s” who needed my help and wanted to work with me that I couldn’t fit into my schedule.

So I looked at the things that made my most successful clients so consistent and successful and decided in order to help more people I’d put it into a team training program.

I’m going to share with you some simple secrets that make you successful at fat loss that I discovered, used, and still use in my boot camp training system to see incredible fat loss results:

1. You can’t get results if you don’t show up

The number one thing missing from fat loss programs is camaraderie and feeling that you belong; that’s why weight watchers is successful even though they don’t do much more than watch weight go up and down on a scale and count points on a chart. If you don’t have a personal relationship with the gym, trainers, or other members you stop showing up. People will go to something that doesn’t even work if they have other people to support them. Combine a proven fat loss training system with people who care and you have fat loss nirvana.

That’s why BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp is different. We are known for having the friendliest, most encouraging, and kindest non judgmental boot campers anywhere in the Tacoma. A results driven caring environment encourages you to show up. Showing up means getting results.

2. You have to be realistic

Grilled chicken breast diets, four hour workouts a day, six days a week, and an hour on the treadmill after lifting sound great but they don’t happen. If I’m too busy to train extra clients then I’m probably too busy to work out six hours a day. I’m sure you’re just as busy. I also love to eat. Which is why I was previously overweight before becoming a personal trainer. If a program isn’t doable and realistic you can’t do it for the long run and then you can’t maintain the results. This applies to nutrition and exercise. Change is good. Too much change will result in you changing right back to where you were at.

At BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp we understand you’re going to start somewhere, it’s a journey, as long as you finish better that’s what matters. It’s not where you start. It’s where you finish.

3. You have to have structure

Working at countless gyms in Tacoma I watched person after person walk into the gym, stretch on the mats, and leave. Countless times I saw a client of mine who were supposed to do a program on an off day not training with me sit and talk to someone until they ran out of time to work out.

When it’s up to you, you do what you like to do. Unfortunately, what we like to do will only get us what we’ve got.

If I told a client who wasn’t working out with me to come in on an off day and even workout near me I saw they did exactly what they were supposed to do. They knew having their trainer nearby meant no socializing, sitting around, talking, doing the easy stuff, or winging it.

At BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp we provide the structure, coaching, motivation, and program so every time you come in all you have to do is show up.

So that’s the magic sauce of the boot camp. All the cutting edge training, fat loss hormone manipulation, variety, and cool fat burning exercises would be nothing without those secrets and the amazing boot campers who make our boot camp what it is.

Put in your information below for 3 complimentary boot camp sessions and we’ll contact you when we have an opening. Experience the magic sauce.

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