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Tacoma Personal Trainer- 3 Must Knows BeFore Entering A Body Transformation Challenge
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The Rise of Body Transformations are here, like global warming it just keeps coming and coming. At BeFit Tacoma we’ve held them twice previously and last year we decided NOT to.

Each time we learned some valuable lessons, which I wanted to share with you today.

What are the pro’s and what are the cons of a body transformation or challenge and why would you do one or not do one?

Below I’m going to share with you the three big things you MUST know before entering a body transformation challenge.

This year we ARE holding what we feel like will be our best one yet with many improvements to structure and formatting to get you to the body you deserve.

1. Everyone’s A Winner

If you decided to enter one, you’ve already taken a huge step into winning. Last night I was watching Netfllix ( I got back from a weekend training seminar and took a nap, obviously I had problems going BACK to sleep after) and a top promoted movie was called “Thank you for Sharing” with Mark Ruffalo and the late Gwyneth Paltrow who is beefing with Martha Stuart.

Mark and Gwyn the bean pole couple. They’re taking curvy out. Notice Gwyn’s left elbow is seriously hyper extended, which means before she every stretched a day in her life she was probably flexible. Hypermobility should be addressed differently than flexible people. Sorry for the training insert.

You’re welcome for the pop culture update.

An interesting movie, not sure I would recommend it, it’s strangely enough about people in a 12 step program for sex addiction. Which apparently is a real thing. The hugest problem was when the person who had an addiction wouldn’t admit to having a problem.

Admitting that you need change and taking a step is huge!  So if you entered our body transformation or contacted us for hlep, I want you to know already you’re a winner.

Now it’s time to take the steps to ensure the victory which for each person is different, isn’t it? Getting what you want out of six weeks is going to be different for every person. Finding that with you is the second step.

2. It’s Not About The Weight

For us, it’s not about the weight. Over our last few transformations we’ve had our participants turn in write ups and check in on their big changes in life.

Two reasons it’s not about the weight

1.   Last time one of our winners lost maybe 12 pounds but the biggest thing that touched us was how she stopped hiding candy in her laundry room. She used to eat candy while she did her laundry so her kids wouldn’t hear her.

Her kids would hear the rustling of wrappers and come RUNNING knowing their was candy. Reading her write about how she no longer does that inspired all of the coaches to vote for her as a winner of our transformation contest.

This still lives inside many of us

2. A client of mine who trains at six am posted this on her Facebook. For months she was telling me she hadn’t lost ANY weight.

I could tell she was, if she wanted to see more results on the scale she would have to dial in her nutrition but the boot camp training alone was enough to shrink her down. Day after day, she couldn’t see it, until this.

So it’s not about the weight, it’s about the inches, our before and after pictures show us that.

If pure weight loss is your goal however, you’ll need to dial in that eating.

Not About The Weight3. Challenge and Renew

I love the human body and different forms of approaching it. When I go to seminars I get to interact with naturopaths and acutpuncturists and love to have them scan me and see what their different systems tell me.

Cranial Assessing A Fellow Trainer in Seattle

We have many different “buckets” don’t we.

Stress physical, food stress, stress emotional, just even feeling like you’re not going where you want to in life or not getting a quality shower in can stress us in weird ways.

Earlier this year I almost had a BREAK DOWN from working, going to Portland to study, learning a new form of therapy, revamping my relationship with my girlfriend and running the gym, this was all on top of my regular client load which starts at five am.

I burned out pretty hard and every health care practitioner told me that. Goals where set that year and I had to accomplish them. At the end of them, It took a long break this summer and just relaxed.

I got to do a lot of fun things this summer like challenge my girlfriend to put put golf. ( I won…by one point)

Now I’m back and going through much of the same stress but handling it better, I adapted to stress, let myself recover, became STRONGER and then re-engaged stress to get to the next level.

This is called “WAVE LOADING’ it’s a training principal and it’s also a life principal. I do it in my own life and we use it in training.

So for six weeks, increase your intensity, back off, take some time, don’t lose all your gains but then attack for another six weeks and make yourself more disciplined, stronger and stronger.

You have to Challenge and Renew Yourself in Waves. That’s what the body transformation is really supposed to do for you.

The idea of a “complete transformation” isn’t what we’re looking for. There are many parts of you that are already good, already doing the right things, already making the right decisions. but to transform part of yourself one step at a time of what could be improved, making the next level get easier and easier is what this is all about.

If you have questions or want to get involved in our BeFit Tacoma ” FALL into your Best Body Transformation Challenge” with over $1,000.00 dollars of prizes send me an email at


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