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From Tacoma personal trainer, Isaac Ho, founder of BeFit Tacoma and BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp, serving the Pierce County area

Dear friend,

Hi, I’m Isaac Ho, Tacoma personal trainer and weight loss specialist. I truly believe that when it comes to physical fitness, what is important is not where you start, but where you finish. This passion and heart for fitness is why I formed my Tacoma personal training gym, BeFit Tacoma and BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp. I wanted to create an environment free of the show offs, mirrors, and fake illusions that the spray-brushed fitness world tries to show us. If you’re looking for the cheapest Tacoma personal trainer or Tacoma boot camp, we are not it. But if you’re seeking a family to carry you and support you on your fitness journey, people who understand you, accept you where you are, and challenge you to grow, then you are in the right place. Read my story, and if you are serious about joining a program that will transform your body and change your life, contact me. I am deeply committed to personal fitness and excellence. I will even let you try our program for free because, quite simply, great people also blessed me along my journey, and I promised myself I would always pay it forward.

The Tacoma Personal Trainer Story

Unlike most personal trainers, Isaac never competed in a sport or grew up around a gym. Before traveling across the nation and studying under the top fitness experts in the world, Tacoma personal trainer, Isaac Ho, grew up on a strict diet of Costco hot dogs, unlimited root beer, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Red Baron instant oven pizzas. (Can you really call them instant if they take 30 minutes to bake?) This wonderful American diet, combined with a general fear of sunlight and outdoor activities wreaked havoc on Isaac’s health. He found himself in the fifth grade weighing 155 pounds – unhealthy, unfit, and unhappy. In middle school he was so out of shape even the screaming and begging of his PE teacher could not help him to complete one single chin-up. Poor little Isaac just hung from the bar; a true story of all of the hustle and none of the muscle. Tragic.

Ashamed of his weight, Isaac embraced the permanent sweater mindset. Whether it was hot, cold, or just right, Isaac never left home without a jacket or sweater on to cover his stomach up and save the world from witnessing the horror that was THE POOCH. After enduring fat jokes, ridicule, and the wrath of PE teachers who yelled more than they motivated, Isaac determined to become one of the popular, athletic kids. He spent a summer eating terrible tasting protein bars, avoiding the food the rest of his family ate, and doing hours of ineffective exercise. Crunches anyone? He sure could have used BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp back then…

Shocking all his classmates with his new improved body, Isaac then ran into a problem. High School. Skinny wasn’t in! It was cool to have big muscles, and big muscles don’t grow overnight, especially when you are Asian. Isaac spent his high school years playing in jazz band, running from football players, and watching bench press accident videos on YouTube. After a few incidents where Isaac may or may not have been beaten up, he started to pursue martial arts. Studying several different styles of fighting, a fire awakened inside him to compete against other martial artists in a battle of time to be one of the cool kids again! He began working toward a national certificate in personal training so he could become strong and fast, like a champion cage fighter. After a few sparring sessions where Isaac may or may not have been hit pretty hard and cried like a little girl, he decided that he no longer desired to be one of the cool kids. Instead, he found his passion. It began with achieving the chin-up that eluded him in middle school and continues to this day by passing on to other the skills he learned. Isaac desires to teach people of all ages to appreciate the confidence that comes with fitness and how to find satisfaction with their body, things that he never had growing up.

Let’s be cool kids together

Isaac is a cool kid now, but on his own terms. He doesn’t worry about trying to fit in with other groups. He has spent his time “in the trenches” as a Tacoma personal trainer, working at almost every gym in the area and gained the position of head trainer at an incredibly young age. Consulting for gyms across the nation, Isaac has an expertise in personal motivation, coaching, writing, compassion, program design, and attention to detail. Along his journey, he thought about the elements of fitness that made his clients the most successful and created his own Tacoma personal training gym, BeFit Tacoma. He is constantly evolving and improving his programs by traveling across the nation to bring back the most current and effective training protocols so his clients continue to see great success.

Isaac is not a believer in magic pills, just hard work and determination. This, along with a no-nonsense approach to training, has helped his clients lose thousands of pounds. He has had the opportunity to study with many experts, from a low back pain biomechanics specialist to several Olympic coaches. His goal is not to be the best personal trainer in Tacoma but the best personal trainer in the world by transforming bodies and lives, and breaking the limiting beliefs of those around him.

Isaac has been featured on national television for the World’s Fitness Elite TV show airing on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates around the country. He also blogs about building a healthy, happy life that fits you on http://isaacbefitlife.com.

Isaac Ho’s passion is helping you change your life.

Your success is his success.


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